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Olivier Lafont

Every summer, twins Shari and Tal Kandhari, sisters Iti and Trikaya Pillai, and Safir Idris holiday in Devagarh, a village high in the hills of Kumaon. Here, th...


Ananya Mukherjee

When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, writes Ananya Mukherjee, she was ‘stunned and disappointed in myself but quickly found my...


Kalpish Ratna

What is the chill interface between violence and pseudo-science? What is the secret ingredient of the elixir of youth being doled out by a hakim at Leopold C...


Shanta Gokhle

shanta Gokhale draws upon a variety of sources accounts of chroniclers, residents and conquerors; memoirs, novels, anecdotes and conversational paint an intimat...


Sohan S. Koonar

‘Know that fate has a way to make you bend to its will.’ Four decades. Three individuals. Two families. One epic story... Bikram, the only s...


Rejimon Kuttappan

‘Rejimon writes in a highly readable manner [of these]…heart-warming anecdotes of the valour of our coastal communities…whose members are we...


Vipul Rikhi , Shabnam Virmani

‘Like Kabir’s “brilliant palace” (meaning the human body), this collection of poetry and reflection glows with vibrant colours… T...


Krishna Sarma , Savitha Suri , Shaheen Desai

For centuries, Assam has been a melting pot of peoples—a ‘living museum of man’. Northeast India is an ethnic mosaic consisting of different t...


Kuldip Nayar

A legendary journalist’s close encounters and candid profiles of the powerful, the famous, the glamorous and the rich—from Nehru, Jinnah and Sheikh ...


Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

SUMMARY Spanning half a life, My Father’s Garden tells the story of a young doctor—the unnamed narrator—as he negotiates love and...



The legendary lyricist, poet and filmmaker tells us of the art and stories behind the making of his best songs—some of the finest and most popular of Hind...


Nandita Haksar , Sebastian Hongray

This first-of-its-kind book tells the story of the Naga national movement from the inside. Based on extensive interviews of the Naga nationalists, conducted in ...