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Ravish Kumar

Sparkling stories of love, longing and heartbreak in the city by Ravish Kumar, journalist, TV anchor and bestselling author of The Free Voice A boy from...


Radhika Oberoi

A novel about the massacre of Sikhs in 1984—layered, compelling and heartbreaking Stillborn Season opens with the assassination of Indira Gandhi i...


Benjamin Kingsbury

‘Elegantly written, deeply moving, humane, angry without being polemical. One of the most compelling historical reconstructions of a climatic disaster tha...


Ralph Russel

For many people, Urdu is indelibly associated with a bygone era: the cultural renaissance of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the face of colonial opp...


Ian Bradford

The police snubbed Christopher and detained the driver; they interrogated him for about fifteen minutes and let him go… Christopher sauntered to the back...


Ismat Chughtai

‘In this novel, Chughtai—whose reputation as a celebrated and controversial icon of Urdu fiction rivalled Manto’s—told the story of the ...


Shyam Bhatia

Funny, moving, revealing and heartwarming, Bullets and Bylines reads like a thriller that takes the reader behind the scenes to understand the stories...


Shruthi Rao

For over 3000 years, the Indian subcontinent has contributed to fields as diverse as mathematics and science, spirituality and philosophy, as well as music and ...


Azim Premji

Inspiring lessons from some of the world’s wisest and pioneering business leaders. • What does it take to achieve success? • How can you take...


Ruskin Bond

‘If you live in the hills of India, it is only a matter of time before you meet a ghost…’ Vintage storyteller Ruskin Bond has created some...


Alice Perrin

A woman’s ghost comes calling for her devoted husband; an amulet hastily given to a British officer saves him from a man-eating tiger; a happily married y...


Swapna Liddle

What we know today as Chandni Chowk was once a part of one of the greatest cities of the world—the imperial city established by the Mughal emperor Shahjah...