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Lothar Machtan

Lothar Machtan makes a compelling case that Adolf Hitler was homosexual, and that one cannot begin to understand him, his entry into politics, and the early Naz...

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Jeff Madrick

The forces that shape economic growth: The size of markets. Large markets make economies of scale possible and thus encourage saving, investing, and the develop...

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Thomas Maier

"An enlightening and original portrait of an almost mythic family and the Irish-Catholic experience, and a portrait of the United Sates at its best and wor...

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Dallas Murphy

For as far back as he can remember, Dallas Murphy has been sea-struck. Since he began to read, "besotted by salt-water dreams and nautical language," ...


J F Rischard

In High Noon, J.F. Rischard challenges us to solve the problems of the twenty-first century with a new approach to global problem-solving. Defining and then off...


Robert Sussman , Donna Hart

Although “Man the Hunter” is a popular description of our ancestry, the central importance of hunting is firmly fixed only in the archeological reco...


Anthony Shadid

Now available in paperback, Legacy of the Prophetis a sweeping, first-person account of the transformation in the style and message of Islamic politics at the b...

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Ross Terrill

This past spring, the outbreak of SARS grabbed the attention of the world. The schizophrenic, paranoid way the Chinese government handled the outbreak perfectly...


Randeep Ramesh

The War We Could Not Stop, though written against the clock and without the benefit of either official papers or hindsight, is more than a simple eyewitness his...

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Ultimately, business is about people-inventors, visionaries, courageous leaders who forge new paths. "Movers and Shakers" brings to life 100 men and women, who ...


Pete Takeda

At some point during the inhumanly cold Himalayan winter straddling 1965 and 1966, a peculiar collection of box-shaped objects — one sprouting a six-foot,...

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Thomas Sowell

The painful and baffling mystery as to why some obviously bright children do not begin talking until long after the ”normal” time is explored in thi...