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John Gray

In What You Feel You Can Heal John Gray discusses the idea of finding feelings that have been 'lost' and regaining the respect and love for yourself tha...

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Alex Kuczynski

In this fascinating, sharply written insight into America's $15 billion cosmetic surgery industry, author Alex Kuczynski paints an incomparable picture of o...


Oliver James

In the bestselling Affluenza, world-renowned psychologist Oliver James introduced us to a modern-day virus sweeping through the English-speaking world. He met t...

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Jamil Qureshi

Although in this world everyone is different, we all share the common goal of wanting to succeed; be it in sport, business or relationships. The truth is, howev...

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Jo Hemmings

Spice up your sex life with this fun and sexy guide to the world of fantasy and role-play. Sex Games takes you on a journey to explore how you can increase y...


George Papashvily

It's all about making friends! The teenage years can be tricky - especially if you're a girl. Let's face it, girls deal with pressures and dilemmas ...


Sue Atkins

Parenting coach Sue Atkins has helped thousands of parents build stronger relationships with their children using her straightforward strategies. In this practi...

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Gina Ford

So you followed The Contented Little Baby Book to the letter and your baby behaved like a dream - at least for the first few months. But as your baby grows, so ...

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Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen

Bestselling Chicken Soup author Mark Victor Hansen and financial guru Robert Allen offer a practical inspiring lesson in creating true wealth whether you aspire...


Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

A radical new business book from business trailblazers Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson that offers a reappraisal of business best practice - advocating...

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Brian Mayne

An enchanting adventure tale which shows by analogy how positive thoughts can enrich and actively change all of our lives. The main character, a boy called Jose...


Chantal Gosselin

This guide provides an overview of fitness, and how to achieve and maintain it. It offers a step-by-step plan which shows readers how to assess their current fi...