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Haddawy uses Muhsin Mahdi's widely accepted, recent, definitive edition, which is based on the 14th-century Syrian manuscript to form the first serious tran...

In Circulation

Patricia Cornwell

The fingerprints say the murderer is the man who's just been executed ... At 11.05 one December evening in Richmond, Virginia, convicted murderer Ronnie Joe ...


Ellen Feldman

On February 16, 1944, Anne Frank recorded in her diary that Peter, whom she at first disliked but eventually came to love, had confided in her that if he got ou...


David L Goodstein & Judith R Goodstein

On March 13, 1964, Feynman delivered a lecture to the Caltech freshman class, "The Motion of Planets Around the Sun"why the planets move elliptically instead of...


Rupa Bajwa

A gem of a novel about the stuff life's made of It is another working day in Amritsar, and Ramchand is late again. He runs through the narrow streets to Sevak S...


Michael Lewis

From mere trainee to lowly geek, to triumphal Big Swinging Dick: that was Michael Lewis' pell-mell progress through the dealing rooms of Salomon Brothers in...

In Circulation

Irvine Welsh

The cast of TRAINSPOTTING, 10 years later, are the core characters in Irvine Welsh's novel, particularly Sick Boy, who is making a porno film. He becomes involv...


Chuck Palahniuk

She's a catwalk model who has everything: a boyfriend, a career, a loyal best friend. But when a sudden motor 'accident' leaves her disfigured and incapable of ...


Jane Austen

Read 'Northanger Abbey': worth Dickens and Pliny together. Yet it was the work of a girl. She was certainly not more than twenty-six. Wonderful creature!


Paul Krugman

No one has more authority to call the shots the way they really are than award-winning economist Paul Krugman, whose provocative New York Times columns are keen...


Mark Crispin Miller

Read a newspaper or catch the news on television and you might get the impression that America's current leadership is "mainstream": perhaps a bit...


P.G. Wodehouse

When Lord Tilbury receives a letter from Galahad Three wood stating he will no longer be publishing his memoir, he decides to travel to Blanding’s Castle ...