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Suchi Smita Sahu

Inspired by true events, the novel takes place in the village of "Chandpur." Samrat the 8-year-old kid, who belonged to a reputed Zamindar family like...



The book, "Miracles Through My Eyes" is a non-fiction. It's about my personal life experiences and my analysis of many events. I saw many Miracles...

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Ananya Gulati

My book “The Friendship Squad and the Mystery of the Missing Pupils” will take you on a wonderful ride with diverse characters. In the book, I have ...

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Ananya Gulati

The book "The Friendship Squad and the Robust (Pulsemin Chronicles) is the second series of The Friendship Squad and another adventure with Karan and Krish...

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Devapatni Bhoopathy

My time as a volunteer has given me insights into my persona which otherwise would have remained hidden in the recesses of my retired life I have discovered a p...

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Shrideep Ghogare

Dushtantak – (Dusht – Antak) The destroyer of evil is a mythological fiction equally distributed in three parts singing the saga of seven immortals ...

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Hemant Saxena

‘Olive Diaries’ is a collection of seven sensitive stories that brings out precious moments from the lives of ordinary people and their extraordinar...

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Mohit Jain.

This book is a summary of my learnings which I accumulated based on various ups and down while delivering multiple program and project implementations across mu...


Roop Chand Verma

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A murder that connects a management consultant from London and a lawyer in Africa. A conspiracy that brings together a large Indian conglomerate, a spiritual...

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Manik Bhargava

"This book is a compilation of short stories based on my life and experiences. The stories delve into so many aspect of human life but still the common thr...

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Mantha Pavan

"Only God has the power to take life. I am doing that duty. I am God!" “I think we are dealing with a serial killer,” the ASP declared....

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