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Shrideep Ghogare

"“While today Modern science cannot guarantee a life. from simple and common diseases There was once a pearl. million of years ago Hidden in the dark...

Available (01:20:36)

Sunil Aditya

हालाँकि कहानियाँ किसी लेखक की कल्पनाएँ होती हैं या हमारे आस-�...

Available (02:09:1)

Neetika Maheshwari Kasat

"An interesting and meaningful conversation between two friends which has become a manual for our lives-year after year, century after century, and holds t...

Available (03:16:4)

Daksh Tandon

The night’s fallen, the overcast streets of Jakarta are wet and slippery with fresh thundershowers. A couple waits for the rain to slow down, unaware of t...


Sunishthh Shauq

"The Historical Collector Association – Return of the Battalion" is a mesmerizing science fiction novel that intricately weaves together the fas...

Available (09:20:17)

Aditya S Hegde

Under a Tree- Short stories which explore existence through the teachings of a monk. The book explores stories whose source are teachings I learn as I study Phi...

Available (01:03:07)

Jaishree Manghnani

Healing is possible even in the darkest of times. Two unlikely lovers, optimistic Aurora and broken Tristan, find solace in a small-town romance. Aurora's s...


C. S. Ramachandran

Ancient myth and contemporary reality converge in a riveting narrative that pits the immortal Chiranjeevis against the malevolent force of Mahisha, an ancient d...


Rupali D. Gore

“Calms and Balms – poetry collection” is a journey of poems with 12 destinations. Some poems are open-ended, while some poems are reactions an...

Available (01:06:21)