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Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices provides financial manages with no-nonsense, balanced, and practical strategies that are being targeted and used natio...

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Jack Brennan

Classic investment guidance for everyone As Chairman and CEO of one of the most respected mutual fund companies in the world, The Vanguard Group, Jack Brennan h...

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Jim Davis & Allan Russell

A strategic model for identifying, evaluating, and improving information use...Fundamentally changes how you look at the role of information technology and take...


Militon Parker & Allyn Freeman

Full of insightful wisdom, hilarious anecdotes, and tasty recipes, How to Feed Friends and Influence People tells the savory story of the Carnegie Deli, home of...

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John U Bacon

Who would have thought the story of a drugstore chain could encompass so much vital and fascinating American history? With superb storytelling skills, John Baco...


Ronald J Baker

With Pricing on Purpose, Ron Baker had made an enormous contribution to the better understanding of pricing that will be accessible to anyone who wants to learn...


Steve Bergsman

Maverick Real Estate Investing shows readers how to successfully buy and sell properties by following the examples of some of the best minds the real estate bus...

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Geoff Burch

This is the business book we have been waiting for. Writing on the Wall exposes the stupidity of fashionable management fads, but by stripping the subject to th...


Joe Callowy

A five-step strategy for turning a commodity into a necessity….When products and services become interchangeable, price becomes the ultimate...


Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

In this book, the authors outline the role of strategic recognition in the corporate world and explain how today's worker can be motivated most effectively with...


Judith M Collins

Preventing Identity Theft in Your Business is a reliable guide to help protect companies, their customers, and their employees from the growing problem of ident...


Elizabeth Haas Edersheim

"I had the privilege of working closely with Marvin and McKinsey for many years. This book makes Marvin come to life and perpetuates him as a role model." -Pet...