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Chris Prentiss

BE WHO YOU WANT, HAVE WHAT YOU WANT brings together insights, stories, meditations and exercises to show you how to break out of limited thinking and free yours...

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Kindness is one of the most basic qualities we can possess, and one of the most powerful. Living with Kindness shows us how to cultivate many of the f...


Geoff Thompson

Do you ever feel that you are tied to an immovable object and can't break free, or that you are stuck in a social and lifestyle rut and there is no alternat...


Shambhavi Lorain Chopra

Reveals the mystic beauty of Kali, the most powerful but misunderstood of the great goddesses of India. This book unfolds a panorama of insight, devotion, ma...

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Tom Mulholland

How to turn Life's lemons into Lemonade. Buckle yourself into your chair and prepare for a journey of self-analysis! Join the irrepressible Dr Tom on a roll...

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'What's your sun sign?'-a conversation starter, an ice-breaker, a guessing game or just genuine curiosity that can draw strangers together. Four wor...


Stephen Mitchell

Tao Te Ching: The Classic Manual On The Art Of Living is the translated version of an ancient Taoist text, which prescribes the art of leading a balanced and se...

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Awdhesh Singh

Spiritual Intelligence refers to the intuitive knowledge of the self, others, situations and techniques to achieve the desired objectives. Hence it can be calle...

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Shashi Tharoor

India: The Future is Now is an inspiring vision of India, by her young parliamentarians. These nation-builders provide a perspective on a wide range of sectors:...

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