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"Hello," I said, "Can't say I've seen you around here before." She smiled again and my heart melted. "No, you haven't,"...


Madan Lal

Sunil was only six years old when he learnt that he was a Hindu—not the best of tags in his birthplace, Bangladesh. Friends turn hostile over that one rea...


Shailendra Priyadarshi

A hands on experience for medical students, administrators in health management and for the common people all over.


Dr. Sandeep Pachpande

Business case studies and their relevance to management education many B-schools outside India have adopted the case study methodology for teaching almost in al...


Sweta Chakraborty

"Aasha – the Inspiration is the journey of Jyoti Priya Malvankar, a Marathi girl born and educated in some B grade towns of India whose birth and upb...


Kamlesh Ranjan

‘I don’t think I should tell you This, but it seems like you have gained My trust. Today I dreamt about her, and it was not just a regular kind of d...


Mayur Bhanushali

The Story of the book can be viewed by the reader as a completely different scene of unseen secret worlds which will take him to the dreaming tour of Truth , My...


Ayon Banerjee

Time is a queer commodity that is reconstructed in memories and deconstructed in regrets as it goes by. Most of us sleepwalk through our youth in trying to win ...


Vaishali Kashyap

Twin sisters Veera and Reeva embark on an exciting Himalayan holiday, befreiding kind people and gentle animals, while finding themselves in riveting adventures...


Gitanjali Kapoor

"Cashmere Diaries" is a blend of enchanted amorous desires, nights of longing and moonful of Love chimes by 12 Gorgeous Indian Ladies. These beautiful...


Harmeet Kaur

This third book of poetry in the row is an autobiographical blend of emotions and the way we are pulled out of the deepest Wells by our strength, struggle, and ...



One day, Ashima or Gigglepot as she is fondly called, receives a letter confirming her long time suspicion regarding her family. It sets her on a journey to unc...