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D. Sathwik

"Love - a simple four-letter word has the power to change the destiny of any person. Love is the best thing to happen to us if it is with our Mr. or Miss R...


Amiya Coomar Ghosh

It’s a story of women during the times when sati pratha, female infanticide, and repression of women were common practices. While our heroes are intellige...


Mu. Ra. Seshadri

This is a sincere attempt by a 84 year old father of a brave son, Prashant, to share his lived experience on his son's extraordinary life journey. Prashant,...


Sulakhni Kaur Grewal

Jenny and John are twins in early teens, who are keen to serve the humanity, are adventurous, and blessed with magical and divine powers being crystal children....


Acharya B. Suri

"About the Book Amidrishti - The Divine Attitude provides knowledge to live a life full of purpose and peace. This simple tale of two brothers provides gui...


Vicky Kharb

Dry Tears of Love is a love story about love at first sight . Two unknown people from different cultures met incidentally and fell in love. But destiny has plan...


Stuti Mishra

This is my first book. It is set of poems. If you are a poetry lover you must read it. It will take you to ride of different emotion. Inspiring and lively poems...


Janhvi Shivhare

Ballad Of Life (Inspirational Songs) as the book title suggests, is a collection of forty relevant, simple and straight verses based on life s various aspects. ...


Brigadier (Retd) G B Reddy

In the burning of India, G B Reddy, based on cumulative knowledge gathered from National security domain experts of the past and the present and wide ranging wo...


Guruji Naushir

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, which means immortal. Amrit - the book in your hand is a work of deep love and wisdom from the immortal sage Mahavtar Bab...


Mehreen Syed

We all know if there is any misunderstood thing on earth, it is ""LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS"". Young people are misunderstanding this beautiful...


Santosh Gupta

Big dream of a small town is a love story at it's core and inspiring journey of an entrepreneur at it's crust. Arun was a mischievous boy from a small t...