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Dr. Satish Baburao Shelke

Ferrites are used in wide range of technological applications like core Transformer, recorder heads, memory chips, antenna rod etc. Due to their magnetic and el...


Bijoy Munshi

Imagine waking up on a stranger’s bed remembering nothing of your past. Ravish does, and is warmly greeted by Neha. He has been muttering two names in his...


Biraj Valia

This anthology contains poetry by talented budding poets from varied fields of life. The works explores timeless themes of love, death, devotion and some are mo...


Anirudh Balkrishna

​Poems (Vol. 1): An ode to poetry is a collection of fifteen poems including a dramatic monologue, an ode, a haiku, some narrative poems, and a Ballad. These ...


Anupriya Asthana

"Rhyming inkpen, pouring emotions is a collection of short poems portraying deep feelings of heart and soul. The poems are inspired by the authors life and...


Atul Deepak Tawade

This is a story about a few people who start off as strangers to each other. Through them the story of a generation unfolds. It is a tale narrating the enthusia...


Anuj Bajaj

A chance discovery of an old scroll, written in a script his family had lost touch with a generation ago, changes Anuj's worldview and pushes him into an ex...


Archita Mishra

Accidents happen. It was an accident that changed thirteen-year old Elijah from an ordinary farmer's boy into an in visit us, a Supreme warrior with unparal...


Ashmit Bhardwaj

I consider myself a traditional feminist. However, through the course of several decades, feminism has slowly radicalized itself. Feminism used to be about equa...


Bobby Ghatak

The 'Tragedian' Dilip Kumar who amazed us as a 'Prince' and a 'Bandit'. The onslaught of Bachchan vaporizing all. The collapse of the pe...


Martina Pinto

In Wisdom behind closed Doors we meet Madeline, a young woman from Mumbai in India whose exuberant world has suddenly come to a standstill due to the pandemic. ...


Bhavna Karnani Killa

The Tricky Teens is akin to Aesop’s Fables and some more of Teen’s World. This book is written to highlight the twists and turns in the relationship...