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Shilpi Chatterjee

Life’s experiences that has many shades and colors about how the first things that we learn in life is to discern between good and bad. It also allows one...


भाविन शास्त्री

यह पुस्तक लॉकडाउन 21 हम में से प्रत्येक की यात्रा है, जो कोविड-19 ...


Nizam Ahmed

What do you do when you try to commit suicide, and end up discovering you have superpowers? Kabir faced this question just when he had done enough to get rid of...


Tomson Robert

Are you stuck in a job you don't love? Are you made to do flunky work in office? Do you struggle to balance work and life? Do you want to quit your job and ...


Bijendra Kumar

Once upon a time. There were three boys. All were freaks. Thought-provoking maybe jobless freaks. ’There was something more. They began their job hunt, an...


Harmeet Kaur

A Complete family book red Pepper black Pepper is a break through in the world of poetry. God is the superpower and prayers can do wonders. The upbringing of ch...


Ashok N Ghadge

The book ONE STEP AHEAD' byShriAshokisatorchbearer for students and prospective young entrepreneurs. It enlightens the readers about everything needed to be...


संत कुमार शर्मा

हस्तगत कविता संग्रह में प्रस्तुत कविताएँ मेरे मस्तिष्क में ...


Ashna Dua

Join Joe the vampire as he fights to save his world from all kinds of dangers along with his friends and a handy arsenal of advanced gadgets.    ...


Ranjani Ramachandran

"He may be your next door neighbour, she may be your colleague or it may be leafless tree at the corner of your street…Everyone sings life in his ow...


Anima Chakraverty

The stories in looking at the wall are fictionalized accounts of real life incidents. The collection has a range of themes. Where the characters encounter a new...


Suhani Rathi

Down in the garden is the poet's perspective of a world that can be, if we, wake up and with awareness, build it each day. She seems to navigate seamlessly ...