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Gitanjali Kapoor

Priceless Pearls is the debut solo collection of Poems by Gitanjali Kapoor,a well-known writer by the pen name LaughingSoul. Every daughter is a reflection of h...


Supriya Chakravarty

The novel was first published in 2017 and the same year It was short list Ed for Aditya Akademi yuva Puraskar. I thank the entire jury, government of India, Sah...


Sanjay Gora

Author Sanjay Gora is a Gold-medallist in journalism course, but he did not join the journalism profession. His PG Diploma in Human Resource Management did not ...


Krishna Copywala

Pots of Honey and Poison is an emotional journey through varied emotions experienced in human life. In this ferocious and tender debut, through a multiplicity o...


Urvi H. Patel

"Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy... a lot of things to wonder, a lot of things to ponder. Do you know, how Venus became the brightest star? Or what mythology has...


Kanan Srivastava , Neeraj Ganvir

This book is to motivate and inspire actor's to trust in their craft without feeling the fear of failure and uncertain future. In the city of dreams Mumbai,...


Olive Miralles

My book is a voice from a girl next door trying hard to be the motivational ‘’inner-voice’’ to many who are seeking ways to fight the ra...


Habiba Kausar

Casey Jhones, a normal middle school girl in the year of 2578 comes across something really strange and unfortunately gets stuck in it. A mistake which she didn...


Vikash Bhakat

This book has a collection of 100 English poems.


Sayid Ashraf Shah

The book was written in Persian by Hazrat Shah nematullah wali (1331-1431 ad) born in Syria. He was a great Sufi saint who authored over a hundred books in Arab...


John Abraham

Not everyone is lucky when it comes to Love. Stephen was one such unlucky guy. He had always been rejected by every girl that came in his life. But fortune favo...


Neelabh Pratap Singh

A Rookie Detective A Troubled Businessman An Invisible Enemy Rashmi Purohit – a failed CBI aspirant – struggles to run her own private detective age...