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Mary l.kao

This classic how-to handbook has been thoroughly revised and updated with a new chapter on computer cataloging in the MARC format and cataloging of internet mat...


Kahlil Gibran

Omnibus Edition “And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.” To absorb the depth ...


Paul Smith

The five rules of a Twitch hiker: You can only accept offers of travel and accommodation from people on Twitter. You can't make any travel plans further tha...


J dey

Three informers. Murky bylanes that hold the key to deadly terror plots. The chase for India's most wanted terrorist. The lives of three of Mumbai Police...


Rahul Saini

Rishabh had the coolest lifestyle—dinner with friends, best restaurants in town, first day first show of practically every film released, a decently payin...


Ken Shelton

This priceless collection of prize articles includes the most respected authorities on personal and professional development. From Michael Jordan to Mary Kay...


Richard Bach

This collection of adventure fables from an enchanting world tackle issues of salvation, romance and suspense through bravery, love and humility. Come and explo...


Devdutt Pattanaik

In the game of cricket, having scored 99 runs, when a batsman stands poised on the threshold of that much coveted century, he experiences the moment that is bes...

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Take A Moment And Commune With The Heart Of The Buddha. Discover peace, transformation and divine solutions to your everyday problems through the creativity of ...


Salman Ahmad , Robert Schroeder

Free audio of 12 hit songs by Salman Ahmad. With 30 million record sales under his belt and with fans including Bono and Deepak Chopra, Pakistan-born Salman Ahm...


Jim Dugger

Business Letters for Busy People guides you to write different types of letters, offers you samples that you can use. Effective formats can be copied, modified ...

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