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Mickey Spillane

The toughest private eye in mystery fiction is back - it's the middle of the Swinging Sixties in midtown Manhattan. Hammer, recuperating from a near fatal mix-u...


Vishvapani Blomfield

The words and example of Gautama (often known by the title, 'Buddha') have affected billions of people. But what do we really know about him? While ther...

In Circulation

Kirsten Tranter

Julia is hopelessly in love with her best friend Ralph, who in turn is tormented by desire for his beautiful cousin Ingrid. Ralph is devastated when Ingrid l...


Robert B.Parker

Spenser is approached by Ashton Prince, an art professor who wants him to help recover a stolen painting. The thieves will return the painting in exchange for a...

In Circulation

Donna Milner

Howard Coulter was one of hundreds of Canadian soldiers sent to the Far East following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Surviving the fierce battle for Hong...


Mark Logue

One man saved the British Royal Family in the first decades of the 20th century - he wasn't a prime minister or an archbishop of Canterbury. He was an almos...


Thomas H.Cook

Thomas H. Cook returns to his home territory of Alabama for his latest mystery. Luke Paige, historian and writer, is signing his latest work in a bookstore when...


Thomas Perry

Claudiu 'Manco' Kapak is a strip club owner. When placing his cash receipts in a bank's night-deposit box, he is robbed by a masked gunman. Kapak is determined ...


K M grant

When Belle meets Luke, son of an alchemist and Scribe to the famous poet Chaucer, she is determined to travel with him to Canterbury on a pilgrimage. She hopes ...


Cat Clarke

Cat Clarke evokes just how it feels to be seventeen, in this gripping novel of dangerous secrets, intense friendships and electrifying attraction. The same ...


Michelle Moran

Marie has grown up in her step-father's waxwork museum, learning the ways of crafting human statues for the rich and famous of Paris. But all is not well in the...


Kathryn Bonella

Welcome to Hotel Kerobokan, or Hotel K, the tongue-in-cheek nickname for Kerobokan Jail, Bali's most notorious prison. It is a dark, bizarre and truly frigh...