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Sonal Mittra

Eat Right – Live Right Everything you eat becomes part of you. The food you intake impacts your mood, your emotions, your feelings and of course, the way ...


Cyrus M Gonda

Expert advice on every aspect of grooming. Learn secrets of style for both indian and western corporate attire. This book effectively shows you how to put your ...

In Circulation

Jack Kinder

The Kinders and Roger Staubach provide you a treasure chest of proven tactics to get instant attention from every prospect, stay in control of the sales process...



8 Attributes of Great Achivers is filled with inspiring stories from the lives of great achievers past and present including Christopher Columbus, George Washin...


Ralph Bruksos

It's Time To Move On! Teaches you how to use change for your benefit. Instead of being disrupted, upset, or paralyzed by it, you'll understand how chang...


Les Giblin

This book talks about the fundamentals of selling- how to sell to people. In a digital age where product knowledge is easily acquired, the art of handling peopl...


Nido R Qubein

Each of us has a talent within us to achieve success, but the key to success is having the ability to identify and develop our own particular talent. In order t...


John Milton Fogg

"It's Time... for Network Marketing". 52 industry experts and successful business building leaders explore and explain why "Network marketing...


Henry Toi

This book is written for anyone wanting to become a more skillful thinker. There are certain habits of the mind that are common traits exhibited by successful i...

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Colin Turner

DEVELOPING ENTREPRENEURIAL THIKING. The ability to think entrepreneur ally is essential today and only those companies that are able to perceive what is going t...


A. L. Walker

Several hundred years ago in a quaint village in Italy, two young men were caught stealing sheep. They were immediately taken to trial before the town judge, fo...

In Circulation

Dr.Paul Parker

The ability to deal with people is a common factor that all successful people have in common. This book is about understanding how to handle people around you, ...