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Sanchit Gupta

Inspired by true events, this riveting narrative traces the lives of Safeena Malik, Deewan Bhat and Bilal Ahanagar, three childhood friends who grow up in an at...


Joyjit Ghosh , Mir Ahammad Ali

When Mr Radcliffe was asked by the British rulers with tacit concurrence of the Indian leaders to draw a line of demarcation for two communities living in India...


Som Kamei

Rani Gaidinliu was a legendary freedom fighter from north east India. As a teenager, she bravely stood up to the might of the British empire, and fought for jus...


Govind Mishra , C.B. Karki

The modern Indian woman – equal to her male counterpart in every aspect of life, be it education, career, intellect, ambition, and the rest – has no...


Jyotirmoyee Devi Sen

Based on an eyewitness account of life in royal harems, these stories describe the very human interaction between men and women in this milieu. They highlight p...


Krishnagopal Mallick , Niladri R. Chatterjee

Krishnagopal Mallick is a literary rarity: sub-editing for an English daily, giving it up to print and publish Bengali little magazines at a press set up at his...


Malathi Ramachandran

The last Nawab of Awadh has been exiled by the British to Calcutta along with his courtiers and his coterie. Only his beautiful queen, Hazrat Mahal, stays back ...


Rajan Kashyap

Travel with the author, a former civil servant, on a fascinating journey from a childhood spent in the infancy of free India, growing up in a former princely st...


Sunayan Sharma

Wild Treasures and Adventures: A Forester's Diary is a series of thrilling episodes from the author's life as an Indian Forest Service Officer. From clo...


Ranhanath R. Prasad , S.L. Bhyrappa

Set in early 20th-century rural Karnataka, Scion is a work of great sociocultural importance, chronicling the intersecting lives of a handful of highly intellig...


Lakshmi Kannan

The tales in Guilt Trip and Other Stories reveal an unbridled exuberance of appetite which mirrors women’s hungering for lost opportunities, the sting of ...