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Sudeep Nagarkar

Sometimes, love is just an illusion. Sometimes, it becomes the sole purpose of your life. While stories on social media were trending, Raghu was lost in book...


Daniel Silva

On a bright morning in Rome, a terrible explosion rips a hole in the Israeli embassy. Moments later, four gunmen cut down survivors as they stagger from the bur...


Gay Hendricks

A stranger asked the author to imagine himself on his deathbed and to consider this question: 'What would be the things you'd wish had been a success?&#...


Ruskin Bond

The weekends of Ruskin Bond fans just became even more exciting Are you a fan of Ruskin Bond? Have you been trying to compile his best works and read them al...


Amit Lodha

Bihar Diaries narrates the thrilling account of how Amit Lodha arrested Samant Pratap, one of Bihar's most feared ganglords, notorious for extortion, kidnap...


Seth Godin

The best-selling author of Permission Marketing shares the secrets of creating innovative marketing approaches when traditional ones have stopped working, expla...

In Circulation

Stephen M. Shapiro

What if almost everything you know about creating a culture of innovation is wrong? What if the way you are measuring innovation is choking it? What if your mar...


Sir Ken Robinson

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, published in 2010 by Penguin UK in paperback, is a self-help guide, designed to help readers find the ...


Franklin W. Dixon

Triggered by the disappearance of a brilliant young professor, this mystery takes the Hardy boys first to Kenworthy College, where they find a puzzling message ...


John Green & Maureen Johnson

On the Christmas Eve, snow storm would transform one small town into a romantic heaven. Bright colorful lights, snow on the roads, beautiful presents and ribbon...


Anand Neelakantan

Bali and Sugriva of the Vanna Nara tribe were orphan brothers who were born in abject poverty and grew up as slaves like most of their fellow tribesmen. They we...


Remar Sutton

This guide gives advice on every aspect of purchasing a car, including determining budget limits, buying new, used, or foreign cars, negotiating a deal, and fin...