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Ajeet Cour

Heart-warming and candid, this is the story of one of our foremost literary voices, told in her own words a life beset by tragedy which yet carries a message of...


Jonathan Conlin

Everything you ever needed to know about the fundamental principles of three centuries of modern economic thought, as articulated by thirteen of the world&rsquo...


B.J. Sadiq

‘An insightful book on Pakistan politics and Imran Khan, and full of wonderful nuggets which show the extensive research by the author.’—Mihir...


James Tooley

In March 2014, James Tooley, a champion of low-cost private schools across South Asia and Africa, was enjoying a well-deserved break in Hyderabad, reunited with...


Praveen P. Gopinath

About the author Praveen P. Gopinath, 32, graduated in history from Annamalai University and is an astrologer of repute. He is popular in Facebook as Mr Mall...


Jerry Pinto , Eknath Awad

Eknath Awad was a rare Dalit Mang activist from the Marathwada region of Maharastra, who fought for the rights of all underprivileged communities, irrespective ...


Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

When Mahatma Gandhi gave the call for the nation to join in the freedom struggle, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit threw herself wholeheartedly into the Movement, along wi...


Ruchi Rai

Ruchi's life was unfolding exactly as she might have planned it when she was a young girl. A respected teacher at a prestigious school, she had a successful...


R Raj Rao

Nissim Ezekiel is regarded as the father of modern Indian English poetry, and the founder of the Bombay school of poetry. In this meticulously researched biogra...


R. D. Pradhan

What are the opportunities and challenges that face a young probationer in the Indian Administrative Services. What does it feel like to be in the midst of deve...


Priyadarshi Thakur Khayal

In the pages of this book, Rani Ruupmati, the Queen of Malwa, the legendary beauty men fought wars for, narrates everything that history books leave out. Throug...


Christine Musa

This book contains recounts of the author's actual experiences of being in a toxic relationship with a Covert Narcissist. Christine is a Narcissistic Abuse ...