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Jung Chang & Jon Halliday

Jung Chang's Wild Swans was an extraordinary bestseller throughout the world, selling more than 10 million copies and reaching a wider readership ...

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Mahanta Kalita

KALAM - THE VISIONARY is a thumbnail sketch of the life and achievements and philosophy of a man who cherishes the vision of a 'Developed' India to occupy the p...

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Ronald Kessler

When Laura Bush moved into the White House on January 20, 2001, everyone wanted to know what kind of first lady she would be. Would she be like Mamie Eisenhower...

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Abraham Lincoln

Ranging from finely honed legal argument to dry and sometimes savage humor to private correspondence and political rhetoric of unsurpassed grandeur, the writing...

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Jawaharlal Nehru

A priceless collection of letters from one legendary leader to another When Indira Gandhi was a little girl of ten, she spent the summer in Mussoorie, while ...

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Amos Oz

Love and darkness are just two of the powerful forces that run through Amos Oz's extraordinary, moving story. He takes us on a bold, seductive journey throu...

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Vishwas Patil

Patil succeeds in his task as the book is a racy affair, highlighting the clash of wills that characterised Bose's life be it his titanic clashes with Mahat...

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Stephen Richards

Viv Graham and Lee Duffy led parallel lives as pub and club enforcers, raging their gangland turf wars with a fierce frenzy of brutality and unremitting cruelty...

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Frederic Spotts

Hitler's aim was the Aryan super-state, but it was to be expressed as much in Nazi art as in politics. Culture was not only the end, to which power should a...

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Peter Stothard

A unique, unprecedented eyewitness account of the thirty most critical days of Tony Blair’s political career as Prime Minister, from 10 March 2003 to the ...

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Shashi Tharoor

This short biography examines a great figure of twentieth-century nationalism from the vantage point of the beginning of the twenty-first. Deftly weaving person...

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