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Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria

  Trail of Blood—I Fall Down a Lot documented the author’s courtship story with then Fiancé Sir Bugs or Adonis Celaje...


Kiran Nirvan , Brig Kanwaljit Singh

1965: Indian Army is preparing for a full-fledged war on its western border. After the Pakistan army’s infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Ar...


Randhir Khare

Raw, tender, hard-hitting and brutally honest, this is the amazing story of the young Randhir Khare's dramatic break from his familty and the beginning...


Deepak Chaitanya

क्रांतिसूर्य’ ही कादंबरी मराठा साम्राज्याचे शेवटे शासक अ...


Som Kamei

Rani Gaidinliu was a legendary freedom fighter from north east India. As a teenager, she bravely stood up to the might of the British empire, and fought for jus...


Rashmi Bansal

I’ve got the PowerI’ve got the Power. The power to change my world. To speak up. To stand out. Leap forward. And break out. Give me a football, give...


Ayshna Mukherjee

Hurt 2 Heart celebrates the timeless enigma of a relationship which in itself is a tricky path to tread upon. The path is slippery, dark, and sometimes fathomle...


H.S. Malik

The dramatic and fascinating autobiography of a legendary fighter pilot and an important figure of Indian history whom Khushwant Singh described as the ‘m...


Susheel Kumar Batra

A bit self-conscious Sanjeev Kapoor a.k.a Sanju baba, goes through all the bittersweet experiences of growing up – fearful respect towards his father, lov...


Sateesh Bhola

The book is basically about my hardships, challenges, and struggles encountered at every stage of my life, right from the Adolescence age till retirement from t...


Girish Shrivastav

This book is not only for the Indians but all those people from all over the world those who are disappointed with their lives and give up in the middle of goal...


Olive Miralles

My book is a voice from a girl next door trying hard to be the motivational ‘’inner-voice’’ to many who are seeking ways to fight the ra...