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Dom Moraes

One of the most unconventional travelogues ever written, Gone Away covers three months of Dom Moraes’ life spent in the subcontinent at the time of the Ch...


Devaki Jain

‘Your heart and world will be opened by reading The Brass Notebook, the intimate and political life of Devaki Jain, a young woman who dares to become inde...


Priyadarshi Thakur Khayal

In the pages of this book, Rani Ruupmati, the Queen of Malwa, the legendary beauty men fought wars for, narrates everything that history books leave out. Throug...


C.G. Somiah

Candid and outspoken, CG Somiah shares his experiences as an Indian Administrative Officer, from his first posting to Orissa as Assistant Collector to the more ...