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Richard Bach

In this teaching fable, Richard Bach explores both flight and metaphysics. In the opening moments of the story, we meet Jamie Forbes, a pilot who guides a woman...


Anuranjita Kumar

Upcoming book with candid, emotive & intriguing narrative delving into personal experiences of a woman leader through her journey in corporate environment. ...


Jack Canfield , Mark Victor Hansen , Patty Aubery

Animals tend to bring out the best in people. This Chicken Soup collection of stories explores the unique bonds between animals and the people whose lives they ...


Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Raksha Bharadia

Stories from the Chicken Soup for the Soul have touched lives everywhere since the first title came out in 1993. They have inspired people, given them hope, hel...


Jack Canfield , Mark Victor Hansen , Mark Dooelly , C

For pure exhilaration and drama, there's nothing quite like sports: It's the crack of the bat as it connects with the baseball, hurtling it into the ble...


Harvey Thompson

That's no surprise: Thompson has long been the go-to expert for CxOs seeking to optimize customer growth and retention. Now, in this Second Edition, Thompso...


Jim Stovall

Jim Stovall has penned three delightful parables for anyone who wants to be inspired or give the gift of inspiration. In The Ultimate Gift, Jason Stevens learns...


Dr Brian Weiss

Through Time Into Healing builds on the pioneering work Dr Weiss described in his first book, the worldwide bestseller Many Lives, Many Masters. Authoritative, ...


James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy contains secrets that are currently changing our world. Drawing on the ancient wisdom found in a Peruvian manuscript, it tells you how to...


Maria Nickless & Elisa

"Whether she's a Supermom or a Slacker mom, these stories by women who've been there and diapered are the perfect dose of inspiration for mothers o...


Jack Canfield Mark victor hansen Jeff aubery/mark/

"Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul" is a perfect gift for any golfing enthusiast, whether their drives land in the sand or on the green. This ins...


Jack Canfiel Mark victor hansen

With an ever growing audience of readers searching for good news, the authors of the acclaimed book Chicken Soup for the Soul have cooked up a second helping of...