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Daniel Smith

Learn how Einstein, the man who evolved and altered the scientific landscape forever, viewed the world and how his theories and the way he researched changed wh...


Nan Umrigar

"I had absolutely no leanings towards spirituality or spiritualism for that matter," says Nan Umrigar. "And I must admit that the space for God r...


Dr. Vithal Kamat

The story of an entrepreneur who moved from a single, family style restaurant, to create a chain known across the nation. But his passion for hospitality did no...


Parul Sheth

This book is the story of Parul Sheth who started running and used it as a way to getting her life back on track. It is the story of a broken woman who, thanks ...


Jonathan Creaghan

“You’ve never read a book like this... But you will recognize the story. – Robin Sharma” In our journey towards a fulfilling life, we of...


Jim Stovall

From the author of The Ultimate Gift, comes another bestseller, communicated in the form of a entertaining, interesting and easy to read fable. The story of a k...


Gary Zukav

With the same extraordinary skill that he used to demystify scientific abstraction and the new physics, Gary Zukay, the award-winning author of The Dancing Wu L...


Nick Vujicic

Millions around the world recognize the smiling face and inspirational message of Nick Vujicic.  Despite being born without arms or legs, Nick’s chal...


Megha Bajaj

A must-read for anyone who has ever rolled their eyes skyward and asked, “Hey God, is there like a road map to life?" Srinagar was dressed in her aut...


Peter Dunne

As his 50th birthday dawned, Peter Dunne had a life-changing conversation with a friend and realised that, while he may not have invented the internet or found ...


Ryuho Okawa

Believe in this book and you will realize your hopes for the future. There has never been a book that radiates such powerful light as this. No other book has ev...


Sonal Kalra

Carved out of the daily dawdle, Sonal Kalra offers amazingly effective solutions to the biggest malaise of our times-stress. With nail-on-the-head insights, wit...