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Margaret Paul

Erika Chopich and Margaret Paul show how anyone can reconnect with his or her Inner Child to short-circuit self-destructive patterns, resolve fears and conflict...

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Todd Henry

A practical handbook for every manager charged with leading teams to creative brilliance, from the author of The Accidental Creative and Die Empty. Doing the...

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Frank Bettger

A business classic endorsed by Dale Carnegie, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling is for anyone whose job it is to sell. Whether you are sell...

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Mayur Sarda

Anusha maheshwari loses her battle against depression when she decides to take her life by jumping off a bridge. But, an unexpected meeting with the spiritual g...

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Daniel Coyle

What do Pixar, Google and the San Antonio Spurs basketball team have in common? The answer is that they all owe their extraordinary success to their team-bui...

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Arlene Harder

Dedicated to helping readers move towards their goals, this motivational guide shows how to ask direct questions to uncover strengths and draw upon past success...

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Tim Ursiny

The Confidence Plan is a revolutionary guide to building a more confident you. This smart and practical book addresses the five essential elements that can help...

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Dr. Marie Pasinski

You can redesign and energize your brain at any age. Dr. Marie Pasinski of Harvard Medical School and Chicken Soup for the Soul will help you Boost Your Brain P...

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Tina Seelig

Imaginative. Innovative. Ingenious. These words describe the visionaries we all respect and admire. And they can describe you, too. Contrary to common belief, c...

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Norman Vincent Peale

"Here is the book which should be ready by everyone, young and old. It tells of the miracles that enthusiasm can perform, and how enthusiasm can overcome f...

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John Fuhrman

Endorsed by respected speakers and trainers of Fortune 500 companies.- Learn about the "some will/some won't/so what" attitude and how it is ab...

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Santosh Nair

The brutal truth of why you are, where you are. Eleven Commandments of Life Maximization does not claim to offer instant happiness, nor make us richer, thinner ...

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