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Deepinder Goyal

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. In this short, sharp, witty book originally written for Zomato employees, get an insight into how one of India’s m...

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Gauranga Das

Such has been the transformative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic globally that, today, we have begun to describe events in the world as pre-Covid and post-Covid...

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W. Chris Winter

‘I call Dr. Winter a sleep whisperer. Through his work with top athletes, he’s found an amazingly effective way to show that sleep can be the ultima...

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Anandmurti Gurumaa

Overview: Going Beyond the Mind is Going Beyond all Suffering. In Mind Undressed, Anandmurti Gurumaa dives deep into the universal experience of sufferi...

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Om Swami

'I realize now more than ever that the future of our world rests entirely on our children. On their tender shoulders rests a great nation, a baffling world ...

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