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Naming the days is a collection of poems on modern living and conscious parenting. It brings an awareness to the way in which we live and use the devices and ho...


Ayon Banerjee

When will this end ? Wrong question – Argues Ayon Banerjee. It’s ‘How’, not ‘When’. Man is the only animal who grows when he...


Anand A Devchakke

We have built a wall around us and we all are stuck in it. It is stopping all of us from living the best life and doing best in our professional life. Who is re...


Anuj Bajaj

A chance discovery of an old scroll, written in a script his family had lost touch with a generation ago, changes Anuj's worldview and pushes him into an ex...


Ashmit Bhardwaj

I consider myself a traditional feminist. However, through the course of several decades, feminism has slowly radicalized itself. Feminism used to be about equa...


Bhavna Karnani Killa

The Tricky Teens is akin to Aesop’s Fables and some more of Teen’s World. This book is written to highlight the twists and turns in the relationship...


Dr. Priyasi Das

DENSIS (Dengue + Sepsis). This is an informative book based on reality. It is a common saying that "Health is wealth", but people are least bothered a...


Fatima Yusuf

The processes of self-help for emerging out of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), dealing with relapse and sustaining recovery, may appear complex on the surf...


Guruji Naushir

Voices from the void, is the 3rd in a series of books written by Guruji Naushir from the wisdom and knowledge gained from his Guru mahavatar Babaji. This book t...


Simran Khan

A mystery revolves around ruhani, a teenager who has been shackled with forced relationship tries to seek for freedom. In the midst of vulnerability and strengt...


Shobna Subramanian

Loving family. Trusty, warm, comforting. Sometimes, love may fail the moment, as with Babu or falter, as with Neha and Raju. Family demand may clash with the em...


Tapan Ghosh

If life seems complicated, here’s the book to simplify it for you. A hundred quotes from someone who’s lived life on the edge and come shining th...