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Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger

Originally published in 1948 and used as a textbook by the United States Army for years, this authoritative guide provides a complete theoretical exploration of...


Dr Prateep V Philip Ips

"თუმცა მე ვითარებ დიდ ფილოსოფების გასწორებელებს, როგორც ს�...


Manly P. Hall

"The Initiates of the Flame" could be imagined as a book delving into the mystical and spiritual realms, exploring the journey of individuals who aspi...


Clifford Rose Adams

Excerpt: "As far as we know this is the first time anyone has written a book attempting to put mate selection on a sensible basis, despite the fact that so...


Dr Sridevi K J Sharmirajan

Scopri una potente sintesi di yoga e del codice Bushido che ti guiderà in un viaggio trasformativo alla scoperta di te stesso, della crescita personale e...


Samantha Gail B. Lucas

Worthy and Worth It is a collection of essays on finding self-worth. I share how the everyday decision to affirm myself has changed my outlook in life. I show ...


Samuel Wilderspin

The Infant System by Samuel Wilderspin: This influential work by Samuel Wilderspin presents an early educational method for young children, emphasizin...


George Matthew Adams

YOU CAN is the strongest affirmation that can make you challenge your limits and do the unthinkable. These powerful words are the beginning of your journey t...