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Dr. Joseph Murphy , Dale Carnegie

Have you ever wondered what our biggest asset is? It is undoubtedly our health. Our mental, physical and emotional well-being defines the quality of our life...


Vardhaman Jain

It is an easy read book for one and all who seek to contemplate and reflect. Profound messages keeping starring at you from the pages of this book. Through the ...


Samantha Gail B. Lucas

Breaking Up Forward is a collection of essays on focusing on myself after ending a relationship. I share the systems that worked for me to push myself out of a ...


Sanjay Grover

Blurb Decision DIL SE is a collection of TEN real stories of my life. It’s been a real roller coaster ride, starting with opening a comic book stand in my...


Dilip G Shirke

The book is an objective & scientific overview of different practices including self-hypnosis, Reiki, wish fulfilment practices and tips for stress-free liv...


Kshipra Bhandari Narain

As an educated, confident and independent woman, have you realised that life pushes you to certain decisions. Was giving up a bustling career to become a hom...



What is the mind? What is the best way to engage with it? We must understand the properties of the mind and how to manage them so that they do not destroy our h...


Preeti Pathak

“Reach-out for great heights but ensure that your feet are always on the ground.” – Preeti Pathak. After two successful books, 25 Essentials ...


Dr. S. V. Deshpande

मन आणि वर्तन यांच्या सुसंवादाचा सफल मंत्र जीवनातील समस्त ...


Rashmi Bansal

I’ve got the PowerI’ve got the Power. The power to change my world. To speak up. To stand out. Leap forward. And break out. Give me a football, give...


Shrea Kukreja

Soul Spoken by Shrea Kukreja, is a place where experiences are conceptualized by living emotions. It is a book brought together by 28 extracts and 2 poems....


Ankith S Kumar

"Relationships are complicated. Commitments are scary. Marriages can be messy. In today’s fast-phased digitized world, people find it difficult to sh...

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