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Jimmy Burns

Diego Maradona, is arguably the greatest and certainly the most widely-known footballer of the modern age. During his tempestuous career he played for top clubs...


Brian Reade

There have been football books which have told their tale through the partisan heart of a besotted fan, and those that have dissected their subject through the ...


Bill Pierce & Scott Murr & Ray Moss

The Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (known as FIRST) is dedicated to make running more accessible and limit overtraining and burnout while p...


Keir Radnedge

"FIFA World Football Records 2010" is a celebration of football from a statistical angle, but with a difference. These aren't just records, but th...


Terry Venables

Former England coach Terry Venables discusses the art and science of football management, and discusses how thinking within the English game has developed since...


Michael DeMarco , Billy Martin

Legendary baseball manager Billy Martin was well-known for his abrasive spirit and after-hours barroom brawls. But it was on the field that Martin's genius ...


Anu Vaidyanathan

Anu Vaidyanathan is the first Asian, male or female, to compete in Ultraman Canada: a punishing 10-kilometre swim, a 420-kilometre bike ride and an 84.4-kilomet...


Luca Caioli

Lionel Messi, Neymar Junior and Cristiano Ronaldo have risen from humble beginnings in Argentina, Brazil and Portugal to rank among the most exciting talents fo...


Michel Comte

Since 1994 Michael Schumacher has dominated Grand Prix, winning the FIA World championship in five of the last nine seasons. In 2001 / 2002 he broke almost ever...

In Circulation

Valentino Rossi & Enrico Borghi

The life story of the world’s greatest motorcycle rider — five-time-winner of the World Championships and one of the superstars of the sporting worl...

In Circulation

James Mosley

Ronaldo: The Journey of a Genius encapsulates the highs and lows of the Brazilian football star's remarkable career to date. Brimming with exclusive intervi...

In Circulation