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Sean Iddings , lan Cassel

Intelligent Fanatics are the world's greatest business builders. They create companies and organizations that dominate and stand the test of time. Charlie M...

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Sean Iddings , lan Cassel

How does a great company sustain and grow profits for decades? Many people are familiar with Warren Buffett’s analogy of a moat: various defenses to thwar...

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Rohith Potti , Pooja Bhula

Uncertainty is characteristic of the world we live in. Economies rise and fall, bubbles form and burst, policies change and evolve. The ever-changing business c...

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Sumit Dutt Majumder

GST in India has touched the lives of common men too. This book has explained for them the critical issues and concepts of GST in a simple language, often in a ...


Mike Gill

Human Resource Management made easy is exactly what it says it is – a book that makes the complex world of recruitment, contracts, workforce development a...


Justin Donald

We all want to make more money, that too with minimum effort and without too much hassle. Ever wondered what life would be like if we had a simple, proven sy...