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Harrison N

A practical workbook designed to help diagnose the reasons for under-performance and implement appropriate solutions. Proposes seven step process, enabling the ...

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Lani Arredondo

"Communicating Effectively" shows busy managers how to combine proven techniques and strategies with the latest technologies for successful, results-d...

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R L Bhatia

The revised edition of this unique book aids aspirants and those who have just begun their careers. As well as training managers. Naturally, it contains addi...

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William C Byham

William C. Byham and Jeff Cox, the authors of ZAPP! The Lightning of Empowerment, provide the proven techniques that can help workers make more meaningful decis...

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Erin Meyer , Reed Hastings

It's time to do things differently. Trust your team. Be radically honest. And never, ever try to please your boss. These are some of the ground rules if you...

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Shawn Smith & Rebecca Mazin

The HR Answer Book is an easy-to-use problem solver for managers and human resources professionals struggling to adapt to new workplace challenges. Authors Shaw...

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Sudhir Sitapati

For six decades Hindustan Unilever has remained among India’s top five most valuable companies. No other Corporation in the world has done so well for so ...

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Brian Becker

Three experts in Human Resources introduce a measurement system that convincingly showcases how HR impacts business performance. Drawing from the authors' o...

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Arvind Agrawal

Leaders in the Making includes in-depth interviews of thirty HR leaders, drawn from public as well as private sectors. These life stories provide highlights of ...

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