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Robert J Herbold

“Turf wars and bureaucracy can undermine even the strongest corporate strategies. Drawing on lessons learned throughout his distinguished career, Bob desc...


Alec Klein

When America Online bought Time Warner in 2000, it was not only the largest corporate merger in history but also the much vaunted marriage of new and old media....


David Magee

The John Deere Way presents timeless business lessons from one of America's top brands. Even as many American manufacturers struggle with low-cost foreign compe...


Leslie A Perlow

We live in a culture—especially at work—that prefers harmony over discord, agreement over dissent, speed over deliberation. We often smile and nod...


Bacon and Pugh

In their book Winning Behavior, Terry Bacon and David Pugh showed how great companies outperform good ones through "behavioral differentiation" -- going beyond ...


Harvard Business Review

"Harvard Business Review on Building Personal and Organizational Resilience" Why do some people bounce back from life's hardships while others despair? This col...


Thomas A Stewart

Visionary in scope, Intellectual Capital is the first book that shows how to turn the untapped knowledge of an organization into its greatest competitive weapon...


Mukul Pandya & Harbir Singh

Offers a new way of looking at the perplexing circumstances surrounding business today. Knowledge@Wharton on Building Corporate Value examines the financial a...


Jon R Katzenbach

The book that turns our understanding of motivation on its head . . . and shows why most companies get it wrong. There are few people with more experience an...


David Sears

Like product and service markets, employment markets go up and down, but they never stand still. For any staffing strategy to be effective, it must be responsiv...


Dorothy Leonard & Walter Swap

Where do the best creative ideas come from? Most managers assume that gifted individuals readily identifiable "creative types" offer the quickest route to out-o...


William J Rothwell & John E Lindholm

No individual holds a larger or more direct stake in company outcomes than the CEO. Based on extensive interviews with CEOs and other key stakeholders in a myri...