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Mcdowell & Simon

As a manager in any organization, of any industry anywhere, you've known for a while that your company's strategy and vision had better include technology. If i...


Frances Cairncross

Never before in human history has technology advanced as quickly as today. The biggest changes are taking place in communications and computers, which are being...


Dan Volitich

Develop, deploy, and maintain a complete BI solution across your enterprise. This official guide provides step-by-step instructions on developing, maintaining, ...


Larraine Segil

Crucial techniques for business and finance managers making e-business alliances Alliances and mergers are coming fast and furious for and Internet-enab...


Shashi K Gulhati

Many parents dream that their child will go to study at an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and thereafter be a great success. IITs and success are viewed a...


Jerry Clement , John Sari , Andy Coldrick

Manufacturing Data Structures "Comprehensive yet easy-to-read.Manufacturing Data Structures is filled with anecdotes, yet stresses the importance of mainta...


Nirmal John

A journalist accused of hacking the inbox of a billionaire A company which fought back when its data was stolen An entrepreneur who fought an internationa...


Prasanna Chandra


Stuart Emmett

Warehouses are often seen as a necessary evil: places that stop the flow of goods and thus increase costs without adding value. But the truth is that they have ...

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Amy Joyner

With an estimated 200,000 people making a full–time living selling goods on eBay, and millions more earning a part–time income, it's clear that eB...

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Matthew Symonds & Larry Ellison

In Softwar, journalist Matthew Symonds gives readers an exclusive and intimate insight into both Oracle and the man who made it and runs it. As well as relating...

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Thomas J Parenty

This work helps you protect and maximize your company's digital assets. Security is a critical concern for every company, organization, and institution, regardl...

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