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Roger Tunks

Provides owners and senior managers of small and medium-sized companies with a blueprint for introducing and managing a lasting total quality management (TQM) p...

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Mcdowell & Simon

As a manager in any organization, of any industry anywhere, you've known for a while that your company's strategy and vision had better include technology. If i...

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Eliyahu M Goldratt & Eli Schragenheim

"After reading the newspapers and following the sharp oscillations of the stock market, it becomes apparent that hi-tech companies are of a different breed. Nev...

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Harvard Business School Press , Anonymous

When a new project is handed to them, readers can use this guide to help juggle the gamut of tasks required to get the job done. The handy tools and checklists ...

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Ankit Fadia

Faster: 100 Ways To Improve Your Digital Life is a compilation of tips and tricks by ethical hacker Ankit Fadia, which is designed to address all sorts of audie...

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Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones

Too many companies are managed not by leaders but by mere role players and faceless bureaucrats. What would it take to replace these empty suits with real leade...

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Stephen Few

A leader in the field of data visualization, Stephen Few exposes the common problems in dashboard design and describes its best practices in great detail and wi...

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Jerry Clement , John Sari , Andy Coldrick

Manufacturing Data Structures "Comprehensive yet easy-to-read.Manufacturing Data Structures is filled with anecdotes, yet stresses the importance of mainta...

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Jeffrey K Liker , Michael Hoseus

revolutionary 4P model for organizational excellence-Philosophy, People, Process, and Problem Solving. Now, in Toyota Culture, preeminent Toyota authorities Jef...

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Louis J. De Rose

It doesn't matter how effeciently a company is run, if it doesn't deliver services or goods that have tangible value to customers. This book establishes...

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