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Harvard Business Review

Many of today’s companies struggle with the task of delivering products customers when and where they want them. Using tactics from articles in this volu...

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Dick Smith & Jerry Blakeslee

Real executives talk about how Six Sigma changed their organizations for the better Backed by the real–world experience of executives who successfully ...

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George S Day & Paul J H Schoemaker

Emerging technologies such as the Internet and biotechnology have the potential to create new industries and transform existing ones. Incumbent firms, despite t...

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Jeffrey K Liker

What can your business learn from Toyota? How to double or triple the speed of any business process How to build quality into workplace systems How to elimin...

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Dale Brethauer

Nine in ten new products undergo a rigorous research and development procedure, require new manufacturing processes -- and still never earn a dime! A major reas...

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Terry White

Business expectations of their IT departments are simple: Deliver IT without fuss, get involved in achieving business results, and provide leadership. But while...

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Dvl Smith & Jh Fletcher

The marketing information available to us doubles every five years. Increasingly, not only will marketing organizations have more access to data, but a lot of t...

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George Friedman & Meredith Friedman

Knowledge is power, and today's age of information calls for new ways of attaining and controlling knowledge. Your business can get an edge over its competitors...

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James F Dunnigan

An acclaimed correspondent and anti-terrorism expert delves into the massive digital realm, which is fraught with superviruses, monster worms, and zombies--all ...

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Eliyahu M Goldratt & Eli Schragenheim

"After reading the newspapers and following the sharp oscillations of the stock market, it becomes apparent that hi-tech companies are of a different breed. Nev...

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Ankit Fadia

Faster: 100 Ways To Improve Your Digital Life is a compilation of tips and tricks by ethical hacker Ankit Fadia, which is designed to address all sorts of audie...

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Stephen Few

A leader in the field of data visualization, Stephen Few exposes the common problems in dashboard design and describes its best practices in great detail and wi...

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