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Marc Lesser

What would your work and your life look like if you knew how to stay focused yet flexible? What would it be like if you get the right things done, and help crea...

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Dennis Wealthy

One minute leader tells you how to transform yourself from an inexperienced, nervous performer into a skilled, effective and successful leader. It explain. T...

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John Chambers , Diane Brady

Silicon Valley visionary John Chambers shares the lessons that transformed a dyslexic kid from West Virginia into one of the world's best business leaders a...

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Leadership must evolve. The speed of change that we are witnessing today, calls for a very different style of leadership than what we have seen in the past. Tra...

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Travis Bradberry , Jean Greaves

Sharing discoveries from a groundbreaking study that separated the leadership skills that get results from those that are inconsequential or harmful, Leadership...

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Managing people is fraught with challenges— even if you're a seasoned manager. Here's how to handle them. If you read nothing else on managing peo...

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Arindam Chaudhuri

CULT is a book for all existing and aspiring CEOs who face constant challenges in the rapidly evolving and cut-throat business world of this time and era. Busin...

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Kaj Storbacka

To develop the long-term relationships necessary to survive the intense global competition of the modern era, businesses must strive to meet customers needs as ...

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Richard Whiteley

In Customer-Centered Growth, Richard Whiteley and Diane Hessan reveal the compelling secrets of how today's successful companies are achieving exp...

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Ram Charan

“There is no better person than Ram Charan to provideadvice on managing in a downturn.” –Larry Bossidy, former Chairman & CEO Honeywell I...

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Ravi Venkatesan

‘As the world grows in complexity, Ravi’s guidance to be curious and adaptable has never been more relevant.’ —Bill Gates Our world w...

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William C. Byham , Audrey B. Smith

Today's enterprises face a profound leadership crisis - and the speed of business has far outstripped conventional executive development systems. In Gr...

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