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Ken Blanchard , Bill Hybels

An invaluable source of guidance for helping leaders to attain high performance with integrity. Transform your workplace with a few simple tools. Told in the...


Ken Blanchard , Don Shula

This is the small book with a big motivational message – that we can all be winners with the right management techniques.In brief paragraphs and anecdotes...


Jeffrey A Krames

The Welch Way is the first book written specifically to help employees infuse their careers with the actions and success strategies of business icon Jack Welch....


Alfred P Sloan Jr.

My Years with General Motors is a modern classic for those who love management books. After it was published the book went on to become an immediate success and...


Neil Chenoweth

If you want to understand how modern media has changed the world, this is the one book you must read. Rupert Murdoch is the man everyone talks about but no o...


Haig R. Nalbantian & Richard A. Guzzo

All leaders know people are critical to the success of organizations. Executives just don't act that way sometimes. Why? Because they lack the facts. Too of...


Peter A Topping

This text provides a four-tiered approach to becoming a more effective leader. From establishing a context for examining your leadership role in the organizatio...


Robert Slater

In March 2000 Cisco Systems, with a market capitalization of $531 billion, was the most valuable company on the planet. With 44,000 employees and a stock price ...


Paul Orfalea & Ann Marsh

Bill Moyers said this about Paul Orfalea after reading Copy This!: "If I could live my life over again, I would sit at his feet and listen to everythi...


Laurence J Brahm

China′s astonishing transformation from a centrally planned to a market economy was one of the most remarkable stories of the twentieth century. It has se...


Glenn W Smith

The explosive new book from the whistle–blower group Texans for Truth – exposing the truth about President George W. Bush's shadowy National Gua...


Kenny Kemp

The gripping story of the biggest trade war in aviation history. In October 2007, the colossal Airbus A380, the largest commercial jet in history, will take to ...