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Kasturi Rangan

Most distribution channels are outdated and unwieldy, serving neither customers nor channel partners adequately. Despite new technologies that have streamlined ...

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Howard Schultz

In Pour Your Heart Into It, CEO Howard Schultz illustrates the principles that have shaped the Starbucks phenomenon, sharing the wisdom he has gained from his q...

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Seth Godin

The best-selling author of Permission Marketing shares the secrets of creating innovative marketing approaches when traditional ones have stopped working, expla...

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Thomas Harris

From Wonderbra to McDonalds, from Harley-Davidson to Viagra, today's world-leading companies and brands are using public relations to add power and persuasi...

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David Lewis , Darren Bridger

Every facet of the new economy, from buzz marketing and new retailing technologies to internet shopping, has dramatically altered not only how we buy but what w...

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John Boik

Monster Stocks gives you the expert guidance you need to add the explosive power of breakout stocks to your portfolio. You'll find everything you need to co...

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Bruce G. Resnick , Cheol S. Eun

International Financial Management is written based on two distinct parts: emphasis on the basics and emphasis on a managerial perspective. As capital markets o...

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Wilmshurst MA , Adrian Mackay

The Fundamentals of Advertising is widely recognized as the most comprehensive and informative introduction to the area for both professionals and students. The...

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Eric Siegel

"Mesmerizing & fascinating..." --The Seattle Post-Intelligencer "The Freakonomics of big data." --Stein Kessinger, founding executive of...

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Fred Wiersema , Michael Treacy

Why is it that Casio can sell a calculator more cheaply than Kellogg’s can sell a box of corn flakes? Why can FedEx absolutely, positively” deliver ...

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Raghu Palat

How to make profits in the stock market . . . steadily and consistently Fundamental analysis is an essential, core skill in an investor's tool-kit for evalu...

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Jay Conrad Levinson

First published in 1983, Jay Levinson's 'Guerrilla Marketing' has become a classic in the field of business, revolutionising marketing for small bus...

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