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Ray Pelletier

Practical strategies for better customer service based on the principles of servant--leadership Individuals in the workforce and the clients they serve are the ...


Harry Beckwith & Christine Clifford Beckwith

Written in a personable and homespun style, YOU, INC. offers doses of humor and pithy knowledge to anyone who wants to thrive in the increasingly competitive bu...


Suzanne C Lowe

In today's knowledge-based economy, service professionals, such as consultants, lawyers, accountants, architects, advertising agencies, IT specialists, and fina...


Jack Phillips

Consulting clients want to know that hte large fees they pay will bring measurable results to their organization--and successful consultants work hard to commun...


Vivek Randive

In the mid 1980s systems integration visionary Vivek Ranadive broke the real-time information barrier and helped to digitize Wall Street. With his international...



Initiated by India Retail Forum and Images F&R Research, world's some of the top global research & consulting firms like AT Kearney, Ernst & Young, PWC, Technop...


Jagdish Sheth & Rajendra Sisodia

Name any industry and more likely than not you will find that the three strongest, most efficient companies control 70 to 90 percent of the market. Here are jus...


Joanna Blythman

An elegant demolition of the supermarket miracle, this book charts the impact that supermarkets have had on every aspect of our lives and culture. Did you kn...


Leonard M Lodish & Howard L Morgan

"The principles and insights outlined in this highly engaging book have been invaluable to me in leading the marketing efforts at Victoria’s Secret Store...


Phil Lempert

"What's my test of a book I've been asked to review? Pure selfishness. How intense are the underlinings? How many quotes can I add to my presentations? How ofte...


Robert Spector & Patrick McCarthy

First published in 1995, The Nordstrom Way is a classic guide to great customer service. This new book replaces The Nordstrom Way with an even more practical gu...


Stephen Brown

Free Gift Inside! offers an alternative solution to the difficulty of selling to an already sated and sophisticated consumer. aeo Based on the article "Torment ...