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Jessie Paul

As the real and virtual worlds have fused seamlessly, the playing field for businesses has been leveled, enabling the marketing and delivery of products from an...


Jerry Della Femina

In 1970 Jerry Della Femina wrote this gossip-filled, insider's account of working on Madison Avenue during the golden age of advertising. It caused a sensat...


Akhil Marfatia

Win For Life.......The whole world loves a winner. Winners tread in the stratospheric realms and all the fame and fortune seem to gravitate to them. This winnin...


Frederick Newell

In 2001 the nuber of firms engaging in e-commerce is expected to sky rocket from 600,000 to 2.5 million with more than half a billion people expected to be usin...


Vineet Nayar

One small idea can ignite a revolution just as a single matchstick can start a fire. One such idea - putting employees first and customers second - sparked a re...



This collection of cutting-edge articles will help organizations understand how to build customer loyalty through unique relationship-building strategies such a...


Ryan Mathews , Watts Wacker

“As usual these two future-finders have their fi ngers on the pulse of what’s happening--and what we need to know about. In every business, in every...


Allison Saget

Event marketing is big business: U.S. corporations invest more than $300 billion a year in every kind of event-from webinars, tradeshows, product launches, and ...


Devang Kanavia & Tanveer

Best Sellers is a story of two executives in sales and marketing who are going through a tough time with the sales performance of their company, Maxima. They ha...


Jack Kinder

The Kinders and Roger Staubach provide you a treasure chest of proven tactics to get instant attention from every prospect, stay in control of the sales process...


Les Giblin

This book talks about the fundamentals of selling- how to sell to people. In a digital age where product knowledge is easily acquired, the art of handling peopl...