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Ayano Morio

"Buffett has generously endowed us all with a sensible and intelligent roadmap for investing." -- Robert G Hagstrom "Warren Buffett -- The Oracle...

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Tony Martin

Combining various facets of direct marketing, this book examines the products and marketing techniques, and provides statistical analyses organized by market se...

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John Boik

Everything you need to know to get in on the ground floor of the next Google! Monster Stocks gives you the expert guidance you need to add the explosive...

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Harvard Business School Press

Intimidated by corporate finance? The numbers (and the jargon) can feel overwhelming--but you have to understand them to manage effectively. Finance Basics expl...

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Christine Benz

Today's investment environment is filled with more choices than ever before. But with so many choices and so much information available for each one, invest...

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Peter L. Bernstein

One of the foremost financial writers of his generation, Peter Bernstein has the unique ability to synthesize intellectual history and economics with the theory...

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Howard Schilit

Techniques to uncover and avoid accounting frauds and scams Inflated profits . . . Suspicious write-offs . . . Shifted expenses . . . These and other dubious fi...

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J. Gerard Tellis

'Telis has done a remarkable job. He has brought together an amazingly diverse literature. Unlike some other sources that claim to be able to measure the ef...

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S. Teki , R. K. Mishra

An increasing acknowledgement that financial services hold the key to mainstreaming the poor and disadvantaged in India makes this detailed account of financial...

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Jae K. Shim

A book on practical business forecasting belongs in the library of everyone interested in business. Forecasting is extremely important to finance and accounting...

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Raghu Palat

The book is for the salaried employee to help him plan his affairs in such amanner that he is able to minimize the incidence of tax, and maximize his takehome p...

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Bastian Obermayer , Frederik Obermaier

Late one evening, investigative journalist Bastian Obermayer receives an anonymous message offering him access to secret data. Through encrypted channels, he th...

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