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John P. Kotter

With innovation, deadlines, and competition deciding the success in today's business world, Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility For A Faster-Moving World...


Ram Charan

The coauthor of the international bestseller Execution has created the how-to guide for solving today’s toughest business challenge: creating pr...


Eliyahu M Goldratt

The Goal: v. 2 is a narrative of how Alex uses the theory of constraints in marketing, sales, and business strategy, to his benefit. Alex is content, with his t...


Jack Welch & John A Byrne

Jack Welch is perhaps the greatest corporate leader of the 20th century. When he first became CEO of General Electric in 1981 the company was worth $12 billion....


Michael Porter

Now nearing its sixtieth printing in English and translated into nineteen languages, Michael E. Porter's Competitive Strategy has transformed the ...


Ricardo Semler

The International bestseller that tells how Semler tore up the rule books – and defied inflation running at up to 900% per year! Workers Make...


Eliyahu M Goldratt & Jeff Cox

Alex rogo is a harried plant manager working ever more desperately to try and improve performance. His factory is rapidly heading for disaster. So is his marria...


Martin Lindstrom

Even the faintest whiff of lemon sells cleaning products. Negative messages from politicians win votes. Product placement in films rarely works. Many multi-mill...


Prahalad Krishnan

From the greatest minds in business today comes a groundbreaking new blueprint for executing the next stage of customer-created value. C.K. Prahalad, the world&...


Stephen C. Lundin

The phenomenal bestselling Fish! philosophy is applied to keeping your company's vision alive and renewed, using the example of a fictional sushi bar that i...


Paco Underhill

A witty and pragmatic report from the retail trenches on consumers' tastes and habits--what makes them tick, how to influence or change customers' buyin...


Muhammad Yunus

In the last two decades, free markets have swept the globe, bringing with them enormous potential for positive change. But traditional capitalism cannot solve p...