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Sumantra Ghoshal Gita Piramal Christopher Bartlett

What Indian Companies Must Do to Become World-Class An invaluable roadmap for Indian executives who strive to excel Winner of the DMA–Escorts Book Award 2...


Ken Blanchard

The One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams is a management guide. The book explores the concepts of teamwork and management and illustrates how a team ...


Gurcharan Das

India Unbound is the riveting story of a nation's rise from poverty to prosperity and the clash of ideas that occurred along the way. Today's India is a...


Ck Prahalad & Venkat Ramaswamy

The Future of Competition argues that in a world in which information is readily available to everyone, the role of the customer has changed dramatically Once ...


Jim Collins

The Best-selling Built to Last answered the question of what it takes to build and enduring great company from the ground up. Good to Great answers an even more...


Jack Welch & Suzy Welch

Jack Welch knows how to win. During his forty-year career at General Electric, he led the company to year-after-year success around the globe, in multiple marke...


Ken Blanchard , Sheldon Bowles

The author of One Minute Manager proves, with a parable, the guiding notion that "none of us is as smart as all of us”. Ken Blanchard, author...


Stephen C Lundin john Christensen Harry Paul /Phil

FISH! told the story of a fictional company that transformed itself by applying lessons learned from Seattle's famous Pike Place Fish Market. Now, with FISH...


Prahalad Krishnan

From the greatest minds in business today comes a groundbreaking new blueprint for executing the next stage of customer-created value. C.K. Prahalad, the world&...


Vineet Nayar

One small idea can ignite a revolution just as a single matchstick can start a fire.One such idea— putting employees first and customers second— spa...


Ram Charan , Bill Conaty

The Talent Masters itself stems from a unique marriage of talents. Bill Conaty, in the course of a 40-year career at General Electric, worked closely with CEOs ...


Stephen C. Lundin

The phenomenal bestselling Fish! philosophy is applied to keeping your company's vision alive and renewed, using the example of a fictional sushi bar that i...