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Jason Jennings

Why is AOL the most profitable new media company in the world, swallowing up one company after another and adding millions of new subscribers, while Prodigy and...


Navi Radjou Jaideep Prabhu & Simone Ahuja

A household word in India, jugaad and more specifically, jugaad innovation is increasingly a global phenomenon. Delving deep into numerous cases from India and ...


Rama Bijapurkar

A Never Before World: Tracking The Evolution of Consumer India, available in hardcover, is a book about the evolution of consumers. It explores the arena of con...


Jack & Suzy Welch

You can talk about theories, concepts and ideologies all you want but when it gets right down to it, winning in business is all about mastering the gritty, ines...


Paco Underhill

A witty and pragmatic report from the retail trenches on consumers' tastes and habits--what makes them tick, how to influence or change customers' buyin...


Jeff Papows

The ultimate insider's guide to the information economy, offers the most incisive and powerful vision to date of the technology rev...


Alec Ross

This book answers the question: 'What's next?' The Internet had a world-changing impact on businesses and the global community over the twenty years...


Scott Adams

Why do all modern managers do the same bizarre things? Are these methods taught in business schools? Do managers learn by watching more experienced managers? Is...


Geeta Anand

“Amazing….Explores human courage under the most trying circumstances.” —New York Post “An inspirational story about business, ...


Edward De Bono

Traditional thinking habits of businesses need to be greatly improved. Analysis and judgement are no longer enough to make important corporate decisions; you ca...


Peter H Daly & Michale Watkins

More than 250,000 public sector managers in the United States take on new positions each year and many more aspire to leadership. Each will confront special cha...


Daryl R Conner

This classic, newly updated, is an indispensable source for anyone–from mid-level managers to CEOs–who must execute key business initiatives quick...