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V.K. Madhav Mohan

Lonely at the Top is about leaders and the challenges they face as they walk alone. This edited anthology contains the reflections of a seasoned Mentor, on the ...


Dilip Sarwate

Indian Cases in B2B Marketing


Sreystha Beppari

Good read. Value for money. Do buy and read. Should not take more than a few hours to read. Entertaining. Brillant book. He writes close to life. Light hearted ...


Prashant Sawant

Business Lessons from Bollywood


Dr. Suresh Abhyankar

Probably no amount of classroom training can beat learning through real life examples.This is especially true in the case of Marketing Management where consumer...


Bharati S. Dole

There is considerable confusion in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). This book aims to remove the same and focuses on managerial aspects of IPR a...


Pawan Karamchandani

"Fast and best technique to boost your sales and profits in less time".


Benedict Paramanand

This book is an intimate and a rare collection of more than 30 stories of top Indian business leaders about how late Professor CK Prahalad inspired and guided t...


M.S. Anand

The financial markets today are ruled by institutional investors. They are the typical investors who today account for more than 70 per cent of public trading o...


Joel K. Bourne Jr

An award-winning environmental journalist introduces a new generation of farmers and scientists on the frontlines of the next green revolution. When the demo...


Mehul Darooka

With more and more younsters takin a step forward into the world of business, the need for a fundin option becomes very necessary. Startups! Findin Fundin is a ...


Amitabh Sarwate

Management has grown as a discipline in the last 150 years or so, with many thinkers developing tools and techniques, collectively called “Management Inno...