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Neel Madhav , Vinita Madhav

Neel Madhav has traced an enchanted journey right from his teenage years. And today, he is India's youngest magician, with his very own popular TV show, You...


Stuti Gupta

Say hello to the woodcutter who found fairies in the forest! Let him tell you about his magical gift. Meet the prince whose shoes could make him fly, the man wh...


Alexander Raskin

It is often hard for children to think of their Daddy as a ‘little boy’. Sasha discovered that her Daddy was once upon a time a little boy when s...

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Damodar Mauzo

Thirteen-year-old Simon lives in a coastal village in South Goa. He juggles school, dancing, karate classes and thoroughly loves the sea, especially going on fi...


Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay

A failed student. A strange grove. And a not so scary ghost. What has the young boy got into? This is a ghost story with a difference. Life becomes miserable fo...


Ananya Gulati

My book “The Friendship Squad and the Mystery of the Missing Pupils” will take you on a wonderful ride with diverse characters. In the book, I have ...

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Roweno D Cinco

Set in Bicol, the Philippines during the Martial Law era, the story revolves around a young girl determined to do what is right in the face of oppression.


Santhini Govindan

In an ever changing world, torn by unexpected events and challenges, poetry has the power to soothe, calm, and work a special kind of magic. There are more than...


Swetha Prakash

Jainism is the culture of nonharmfulness towards all living beings. The Jaina Tirthankaras and Jaina Munis have given the world the gift of Ahimsa (non violence...


Francis Edwards

Itsy-Bitsy Cloud has a secret wish that comes true in a dream. She wants to climb upon a cloud and visit the Other World. Each terrain is an adventure. The book...


Sulakhni Kaur Grewal

Jenny and John are twins in early teens, who are keen to serve the humanity, are adventurous, and blessed with magical and divine powers being crystal children....


Aria Storm

College freshman discovers she’s a rare breed of fairy as she is brought to the world of Fairey. Her life is threatened instantly when human assassins dic...