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Rachna Chhabria

Enter a forest, a garden, a meadow, a field, and a classroom, where the birds, insects and animals are all too human. Meet the animals who are granted a wish...


Saayuri Karmarkar

A collection of short stories by little author Saayuri, this book takes you on a journey filled with adventure, magic, fantasy and fun through the eyes of a 9-y...


Ashwini R Sane

When the Gods fail to stop Evil from taking over the world, the Goddess Arises! When the attempt to stop the demon Asur, Tarakth, from becoming all-powerful fai...


Nimi Kurian

Keya and Dhruv love their Moti uncle. Whenever they are with him there is always mystery and excitement. He is neither young nor old, fat nor thin. He dabbles i...


Shrikant Nagvenkar

The wonderful Science City of Bintu



Learning and practicing to count can be fun, especially with the help of our animal friends. We begin with the number one, and in this case, one yellow duck in ...