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Shabnam Minwalla

Nimmi Daruwala is starting Grade 6 and she is sure it is going to be absolutely Spectabulous! Will it? Eleven-year-old Nimmi Daruwala does not like her last nam...


Kavitha Mandana

If you ever thought history is boring, this funny and astonishing book is the perfect solution! Did You Know That... One of India’s greatest emperors wa...


Nandini Nayar

When summer camp is so sweet, can you run from all the fun? Raj is going to what has to be the worst summer camp ever—Camp Sweets, where they teach chi...


Andaleeb Wajid

Madhu, Gaurav and Sunil are on a school trip to the hills of Chikmagalur with their classmates and Rajesh sir, their teacher. All they are looking forward to ar...


Jules Verne

A thrilling subterranean adventure filled with startling and strange discoveries When Professor Otto Liedenbrock comes across a strange code, he is convinc...


Shazaf Fatima Haider

‘By turns terrifying and amusing, this is not a book you want to read before you go to sleep. Or maybe you do...’—Jerry Pinto Sharmeen&rs...


Roopa Pai

When exams drive you crazy and books and studies are all everyone seems to talk about, it is time to pick up this book. Did Early Man and Woman make their ...


Anurag Bhatt

Krishna aka Krish belongs to Nainital and lives with his mother, and has one best friend, Siddhu aka Sid. Krish and Sid have been taken to Mussoorie from Nainit...


Radhika Ramachandran

Five-year-old Appu lives in a small coastal villagein Kerala. His whole world revolves around the people and events of the traditional fishing community to whic...


Asha Shankardass

Champa, a nine-year-old girl lives in a village on the banks of a river in Punjab. The lofty Himalayas rise in the background. Something of a dreamer, she is ob...


Rajiv Tambe

Weigh an elephant?,Make a Water Mountain?, Create a Magnet?, Separate Salt and Pepper?,Make Flowers Blush?, See a Rainbow? And much, much more....These virtuall...


Ramendra Kumar

It was ominously dark all around. As he stared in amazement, he saw five tall, strapping men emerge like streaks of lightening and race forward. The one in the ...