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Adit Ambani

From the narrow streets of London to the unexplored tropical rainforests of Africa, to the misty hills of South America, Alvin and Jett get sucked into a fantas...


Seema Chatterjee

This engaging compilation of 12 short stories, takes children on a journey to a land of teacups and elves, tadpoles and talking trees - where imagination rules ...


Rajiv Tambe

Why is it that only flowers bloom? What if a duck became an egret? Why do parrots look alike but butterflies are all different? What if sea water turned sweet a...


Chandralekha Maitra

There was great excitement in the forest of Piplivan! The Council of Elders had announced a Talent Contest to decide who was the most gifted of them all. The co...


Jui Andhare

Setu and Anila stopped just short of the first forest, Sukaan ? which was the only way to the dark woods of Ula. Anila's legs trembled as they stood there l...


Sreelatha Radhakrishnan

Life is filled with challenging situations. We must face them – as children and as adults. Learning the skills to cope with the hard things in life is a r...


Ranjit Lal

The adventures of two runaway baby sparrows by award-winning author Ranjit Lal. Chiddy and Gouri, two baby sparrows, are bullied mercilessly by their elder s...


Jerry Pinto , Ruskin Bond

Watch out as mischiefs and mischief-makers of all shapes and sizes come tumbling out in this hilarious collection of stories. Is your school a hotspot for jo...


Arthur Conan Doyle

A selection of the most thrilling detective stories ever written by the master storyteller. Sherlock Holmes, the world's cleverest detective, sets forth ...


E. Nesbit

The best works by the greatest writer in the English language, retold in simple prose for young readers. Over 400 years ago, William Shakespeare wrote many m...


Karthick Hemabhushanam

A ghost one day shows up in front of a ten-year-old boy, Arjun, and just like that, his brain is trapped. His parents are unaware and even the doctors seem clue...


Monisha K Gumber

"Tara, a young teenager is blessed with a little bit too much of health for her own good. Desperate to get the guy of her dreams, she ends up playing a ver...