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Do you believe some things are meant to happen? Meet Aleah, a romantic at heart who lives in a world of practicality. she is happy in her current relationship w...

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Priyanka Baranwal

In a nation where most women are taught to be submissive at every stage in life, Maya stands out. In a society that finds fault in women for heinous crimes like...

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Ajit Sherawat

The fortitude which won Kamlesh the cycle race had the designs of victories her future awaited. Though the battle was still her own, it was for her son Jeet to ...

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Amit Tiwari

The recipe of life is made with ingredients like friendship, love career etc. A twist in their ratio and the life tumbles. For a small town epileptic boy Anirud...

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Makarand Lohire

Can a poor boy dream of a life with his love? Does the lure of money drive one to betray one's own? Here Sat a Key Maker... is the story of Javed, Shashank,...

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Dhaval Dange

What if... Everything that you Love, Worship, Trust and Belive in, isn’t quite what you think it is? Vishal Rajguru is a PG student, set out on a journey ...

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Ankit Sonthalia

Engineer? Doctor? Chartered Accountant? Artist? Or something out of the box? Students at the cusp of passing out from the high school are often occupied with s...

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Gagan Deep Chauhan

मेरी कलम चाँदी की हो गई है, हकूमत के तख्त पर सजे गाव तकियों क...

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Gagan Deep Chauhan , Napoleon Hill

अपनी सोच में बदलाव ला कर भी ला जाया जा सकता है ज़िंदगी में बदल...

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Dr Deepak Ranade

Carl Sagan in The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, says: "Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of...

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Dr. H. K. Abhyankar

1971 मध्ये युद्धकैदी बनलेल्या भारतीय हवाई दल अधिकार्‍याने पा...

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