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Col N Bhatnagar

It’s a work of fiction, containing eleven stories, loosely connected to incidents that took place during the author’s career span in armed forces. T...


Vijay Raghav

Here’s a book of four intriguing short stories entwined with threads of chance and probability. Set in Mumbai, these tales are a heady mix of facts and fa...


Naimesha Thakur

"Mira Dev, a young writer is the grand-daughter of Tina Dev Spekoe, an affiliation which she was extremely proud of just for the amount of love and happine...


Indrani Sinha

Renee lives in a Railway Colony in Varanasi with her family. She has been promised a birthday gift by her Dadaji. In a sudden turn of events, she has to hunt fo...


Ekamdeep Singh

"Love is understanding, mutual confidence, sharing, and forgiving. Love is invisible. It is a true feeling; it cannot be seen or measured. Sometimes, the v...


Aditya K V

A man arrives at the temple town of Srisailam. He carries with him a warning to the gods. A cosmic war between the Devas and the Daityas has spilled over into t...


Rituraj Sharma

A book that delves into a world of mystery, adventure, action and war of the Vedic Times! A must read the book for every Adventure and Fantasy lover which keeps...



What does it take for a detective to defeat the world’s most dangerous man alive? Which is the most powerful driving force, Revenge or fighting for someon...


Vishnu Amit Shankar

Good read. Value for money. Do buy and read. Should not take more than a few hours to read. Entertaining. Brilliant book by VP Kale. He writes close to life. Li...


Capt. Nitin Joshi

Shekhar Sawant is a born soldier. Born with the heart of a soldier, it is his life’s only passion. He works hard to achieve his dream and excels at it. Th...


Jim Corbett

he Fortunate Tiger and Other Close Encounters selects the most thrilling adventures of Jim Corbett of Kumaon, legendary hunter and author. Corbett, who ba...